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In 1980, Alisdair Flynn was apprenticed at Belford Cabinet Works as a Traditional Upholsterer with Whytock and Reid of Edinburgh, learning the trade and gaining the vital experience which led him to create his own company.

Founded in 2004, Alisdair Flynn, Traditional Upholsterer and Interior Furnisher have strived to provide a unique and distinguished service, while remaining true to its ethos of traditionalism. With a history of completed projects across the United Kingdom, from the creation of stylish window curtains, the installation of Wilton and Axminister carpets, to the complete traditional renovation of pre 1950's antique upholstered furniture.

Alisdair Flynn prides himself on a sharp attention to detail and exquisite quality of workmanship, offering only the finest materials and methods, providing an exclusive ability to be able to offer clientele a selective array of floor covering and fabric samples along with expert advice and support in making your final decision.

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