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Living Room Furniture

Alisdair Flynn worked tirelessly for me at Yester House for many years, nearly thirty, firstly with Whytock and Reid and later when he set up his own business on his own behalf. Alisdair  would be hard to beat in building curtains, or upholstering chairs. He is very conscientious and always discreet.

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For more than 20 years we have used only Alisdair Flynn for upholstering. For the simple reason that the quality is (noticeably) exceptional and lasting - sofas and chairs look as good today as they did when they were delivered, in some cases many years ago - and the price for material and labour has always been fair.

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Veronica Barrington has pleasure in recommending the upholstery work done for my family over a number of years on several different projects. The quality of work Alisdair did recently on our original Whytock and Reid sofa is superb and included him obtaining Gainsborough silk fabric which exactly matched the original which must have been over 50 years old. I would recommend Alisdair Flynn without hesitation.

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